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DAD Kashmir (Disabled and Disadvantaged Society of Kashmir)  - DAD Facebook

21 June - DAD got its Certificate of Registration today.

1.Mrs Iqra Waris - Chairwoman 
2.Dr Jahanara - President
3.Dr Mohammad Waris - Project Manager/rehabilitation therapist
4.Miss Bisma Rasool Paul - Treasurer
5.Dr Masood Ahmad Shah - Secretary (heading dental /Oral rehab)
6.Mr Abdul Rehman - Executive member.
Click here for Certificate of Societies
8 June - On 5th June DAD Kashmir organised another free Medical/Dental Camp at Mujipather in Distt. Budgam. A quite good number of patients attended the camp and they were assessed, treated and medicine was distributed accordingly.. 

There was a rush of KIDS having oral problems and they were counselled to maintain oral hygiene and toothpastes were distributed among them.. 

Dettol hand wash was also distributed among the families.....

The camp was joined by some new members too....

DAD team included:
Dr Mohammad Waris
Dr Masood Ahmad Shah
Dr Mushtaq Khosa
Dr Jahanara Chishti
Mrs Rumana Masood
Miss Bisma Paul
Mr.Syed Ishtiyaq Shafi
Mr. Sameer Rather
Mr. Syed Faisal  ....                     All photos in Gallery.

10 April - On 7th April (World Health Day) DAD team organised a camp in collaboration with a prestigious society of the valley namely Voluntary Medicare Society headed by a renowned ENT specialist Dr Mohammad Maqbool, aimed to work for the disabled and mentally challenged children.

Seven members from DAD Kashmir visited the camp and gave their utmost contribution. Dr Masood did Dental check up and Rumana Masood did dietetic/nutrition consultation.

Dr Waris gave an impressive speech and highlighted DAD Kashmir and people present were impressed to hear about the ongoing work of DAD Kashmir and their cause.

Dr Arshid and Dr Aijaz also did consultation along-with the other doctors who had been invited by the society. Mr.Sameer and Mr. Anil Sharma also played their part well.

We also distributed medicated toothpastes and tooth-brushes among the disabled children and they were joyous and we too got delighted to see them smiling.

The event was covered by media also and the slides were shown on Doordarshan NEWS (The Government Media Network)

DAD team included:
Dr Mohammad Waris
Dr Masood Ahmad Shah
Dr Arshad Ahmad
Dr Ajaz Chiloo
Mrs Rumana Masood
Mr.Anil Sharma                                            View all Photos

25 March - DaD Team visited the Leprosy Colony in Bahrar area of Srinagar, Kashmir. Bahrar is after the name of a sufi mystic poet Aziz Bahrare. This colony was founded in 1892 by a British lady Miss Mary.

The colony has population of 250 persons including children. Out of 250 almost 90-100 are suffering from leprosy and rest are recovered from the disease.

There are almost 66 houses in the colony which are not in proper condition. There was school for the children within the colony but was closed many years ago. Hospital within the colony is very old reminding of British Empire. The people living within the colony depend on the donation provided by the people, government and some local agencies.

DaD team distributed Dettol hand wash detergent soap for washing clothes and biscuits.
DaD team included:
Dr Mohammad Waris
Dr Masood Ahmad
Dr Arshad Ahmad
Dr Ajaz Chiloo
Dr Jahanara Chishti
Mrs Rumana Masood
Mr Syed Faisal                                     View all Photos

Dr.Waris visited the colony with a friend in 2005 and screened many people. He had seen so many amputee cases and foot drop and some with claw hands. The head of the colony is also suffering from leprosy. They also marry within the colony and that is how new families come into existence . The condition of the houses and the aid is very poor, Govt is least concerned about them. This year's visit was to explore how these people can be helped further.

Throughout history, the sufferers of leprosy have often been ostracised by society. An intense fear of leprosy still persists, leading to stigmatisation of affected persons and their families. Leprosy is a chronic, infectious disease. It affects the skin and peripheral nerves and if left untreated, there can be permanent damage to the skin, nerves, limbs and eyes. About 70% of the world's registered leprosy patients live in India. 

11 March 2011  
About 300 patients including children visited the camp which was organised at Mujpather Budgam primary school. We were 5 team members who went for the camp. Medicines were distributed among the patients. Those who were disabled were assisted and were advised for physiotherapy. 

Those patients who were having LBA or cervical related problems they were given ergonomic advices and home exercise programming. 10 teeth extractions were performed and others were made  aware about the oral hygiene. Due to lack of oral rehabilitation items we were not able to continue for the maximum. Some of the patients suffering from tooth ache and dental problems they were given medicines and some of the elder patients were given tooth brushes and pastes. 

Some of the disabled cases seen were: polio, delayed mile stone, Cerebral palsy, hydrocephalis, post polio syndrome, hemiplegia, ventricular septal defect, myasthenia gravis. We did distribute among the children the following items:  pencils, erasers, sharpeners, drawing books, sketch colour pens, tooth pastes and tooth brushes. So it was a day full of work and we indeed enjoyed the snow that was still present there.  For more photos click HERE

With best regards,  

Dr.Mohammad Waris, Project Manager DaD
Disabled & Disadvantaged
196 Buchwara,Dalgate,Srinagar, Kashmir, India 190001  -

23 Feb 2011 Visit by ABILIS team to Kashmir and meeting with DaD team.

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