19 Aug 2012- Gulmi Samaj UK president Om Thapa, with his wife and daughter Oshin, and nephew presented the ambulance to Hope Centre Nepal. Attached are a few photos of the first - second floor party with Om and family and Army commander. Thanks Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK. Click on image for more photos of the hand-over.
10 Aug - Sita: Both her feet were facing BACKWARDS before correction and because her family had no funds could not afford the surgery costs, but thanks to ALTSO for rehab funds and some from the Cornwall UK contingent and after 1 year of surgical treatment and pins and infection care and also thanks to ABILIS… 
Click on Image for photos
1 Aug - Two articles from Pradid Rai, Physiotherapist at Hope Centre Gulmi, Nepal
Dangers of Village treatments (click for downlaod) pdf

Hearing for the First time (click for download) pdf
11 June - Mr. Keshab T. aged 28, is known as “rakshi-man” as he is addicted to alcohol ( Rakshi is alcohol made from maize, rice or millet grain in Nepal) . When he was drunk, he became violent and punched his wife even during pregnancy. He was married off to his wife by the man’s parents, though she .. Click on image for the Gallery.
10 June -  Madhu Khadka aged 10 years is from Ishma VDC, Gulmi. When he was climbing tree for cutting leaves for buffalo, he slipped and fell down on his left elbow and broke his bone. He was immediately brought to Tamghas District Hospital and his broken bone was fixed up with plaster cast.  After a month, the plaster cast was removed ... Click on image for the Story in .pdf
6 June - Here a few photos as we paint and plaster top floor at Hope Centre, Nepal, we collected a tank full of water two days ago from heavy rain, but today we must buy 2000 litres at 1 rupee per litre as lots is needed for plasterers to wet down the walls and to make cement plaster and to mix with acrylic paint and white cement paint we use, having fun .. Click on image for the Gallery.
5 June -  A few years ago in search of a better life, Humi Nepali’s family moved out from Purkot Village Development Community to Tamghas. Her husband used to work as a construction labourer. She has had 7 children and only the last is a son. Due to importance of sons to carry on the family name, women ...
Click on image for the
Story in .pdf
2 June - Photos of the Bundeena sponsors/supporters Team trip to Hope Disability Centre, Gulmi, Nepal.

Click on image for the Gallery
31 May - A few photo stories of young patients treated at Hope in April. Some take lots of corrections over long periods to get permanent well shaped feet ..or arms or legs... Thanks from Hope Centre and MEND for all your support, so that lots of older ones too are getting help.... mobility, skills training and small businesses.. and education!!
Click to enlarge photos
24 May - Photos of the opening of the second floor at Hope DC Gulmi, Nepal are being uploaded. Click on image for the Gallery and scroll down.
2 May - The team in Bundeena, South of Sydney in Australia are doing fantastic fundraising for MEND's centres, here is a link to the local Bundeena website with an article
24 April - The second floor project is progressing - Click for more new photos
5 April -  Bundeena in Australia is a quiet seaside village where Rob, MENDs director was brought up as a kid. Meg Peterson and daughter Ria (photo) and Rob's sister Beth (background) live there and have been active raising funds for MEND / Hope Nepal. On Monday 9 there maybe 50 + locals are coming to Rob's sisters' house in Bundeena to see our films and talk about Hope Centre/ MEND. Meg Petersen says that the community has raised A$2000 and also a raffle is raising more funds. In fact this little community is getting behind MEND projects in a great way. So now as the donors for 2nd floor at Hope... and both coming to Nepal May 11. Photo showing the handmade blankets knitted by local women as baby blankets for new mums who give birth at Ideal Health Centre in Nepal. Click to Enlarge
22 March - A screening audiometer has been kindly donated by the Hearing Association of Te Awamutu and calibrated for use at Hope Centre Nepal. This will be taken by Rob, MEND Director, with lots of hearing aids donated by Hearing Associations of Te Awamutu, Nelson and Remuera, when he starts his annual trip to Nepal and Kashmir next month. Today he could hear, on a call to Hope Centre via skype video, the musical sound of hammers as the walls and wooden windows go up...in the hope that completion of the second floor will be in June for summer opening. Click to enlarge image
16 March - Hearing loss is a great problem in Nepal and Kashmir, we have many young patients with hearing loss which restrict their ability to learn and limit their future. MEND is currently trialing new hearing aids produced in China and is recycling old hearing aids.

MEND is also working with other help organisations to provide hearing aids and is actively soliciting help form established hearing aid manufacturers so we can help more patients becoming independent. If you can help with new or used hearing aids, please contact us.
2 March - The second floor at Hope Centre Gulmi has been poured - Click for more new photos
27 Feb - Meg's Knitting Group. Meg Peterson, an enthusiastic Australian lady and main sponsor for building the second floor on Hope Centre at Gulmi, is part of a knitting group who have made many colourful blankets and sent them all over the world for needy people. "We have made some for me to bring to Hope Centre for beds in the new upstairs rooms. As you can see, they are very bright and cheerful and fit a single bed or they can be used to wrap around anyone who is cold. We give them as gifts. They are made from acrylic fibre mainly and are easy to wash." Click for photos
26 Feb -  ABILIS PROJECT with Hope Centre Nepal - Dammar Small Business. "Finally we decided to start vegetable farming but we were discouraged by villagers. But we didn’t care about that and moved forward helping together and gave birth to Naram Self-Help Group. Now when we see these growing vegetables and ready for sell, the community were inspired and took us as an example." Download Report in .pdf
19 Feb - Video of the pouring of concrete floor at Hope Centre in Gulmi, really interesting how they do this in Nepal, with lots of people, this is one big pour and they do it all in one day, starting with filling the columns.  Click  for Video
6 Feb -  Photos from Ganga (click for all) - "Please find attached photos I took at Hope Disability Centre. How sad are the lives of people with Disability in Gulmi district. Our Hope Centre building looks great, soon the slab will be put on the second floor. All these patients came in Hope Centre today. Hope Centre employs a man who, amongst other things, grows mushrooms for sale. This year there has very good training for mobile repair and mushroom growing. Twenty people with disabilities from ABILIS and also twenty people took loans. Soon we are going to start sewing and honey making training. Thank you, supporters, so much for your great efforts! "
5 Feb - The Fundraising event held by Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK event has raised a total of £11,124.68 for the Hope Centre in Gulmi. The money has now arrived in Hope's bank account, a total of Rs 14,00,000 which is around NZ$22,000 a fantastic amount and part of this money will be used to buy a small ambulance (Suzuki, Maruti or Mahindra Jeep) to transport patients to and from the Hope Centre. Thanks so much  Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK for the fundraising.
2 FebGanga is selling the first Mushrooms grown at Hope Centre Nepal, This is a project supported by ABILIS Finland to train 40 disabled persons at Hope Centre Nepal and then back them up with micro-loans so they can buy materials, pay rent for premises, and also buy tools . Click to enlarge photo - More mushroom photos here
2 Feb -  This young man (25) came to Hope because he was 100% deaf after testing him they thought, but trying a hearing aid after cleaning his ears full of wax, Ganga tried to communicate with him but she found he could hear, but couldn't speak for all these years . Click to enlarge photo
1 Feb -  Michael a chartered accountant from London is volunteering at the Hope Centre in Nepal at the moment. He is teaching computer skills for staff, mainly spreadsheets but also backing up files, etc. Click to enlarge photo
20 Jan - Hope Centre Gulmi report for ABILIS sponsored training project in .pdf format
Include stories of successful trainees.
8 Jan 2012 - Click on image see photos of the construction of the second floor pillars of Hope Centre, Gulmi, Nepal.

This project is sponsored by an Australian lady.
Click to enlarge 7 Jan 2012 - Click on image to read interview published in UK Everest Times about Ganga Rayamajhi, the manager of Hope Centre, Nepal during her visit to the UK in December.
20 Dec - Today Ganga had a 2 hour long TV interview for a documentary. Lots of questions about the fundraising and her background. As soon as we can hold of the video we will publish. Ganga is very happy  in London for the International Disability Day celebrations and that so much funds have been raised by all Nepali People. Please click on image for Ganga's speech video, its all in Nepali though.
19 Dec - The Fundraising event held by Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK event has raised a total of £11,124.68 for the Hope Centre in Gulmi.

Ganga also visited some of MEND's sponsors in the UK. New photos have been uploaded, please click on image to see then all.
30 Nov - Ganga, the manager of Hope Disability Centre, Gulmi, Nepal and her companion have arrived in the UK as guest of Gulmi Samaj UK which is organising a dinner and dance party fundraising on 4 Dec for Hope Centre, she will stay at the home of Chairman Mr. Thapa.
Photos of her trip added to the Photo Gallery - Click on Image to view, new photos will be updated as we receive them.
25 Nov - A great slide show about Ganga and Hope Disability Centre, Gulmi with lots of interesting photos. These images are from a Powerpoint presentation that Ganga will present at the Gulmi Samaj UK fundraising on 4 Dec in UK. Made by Nina Wells.
This is actually the best presentation to get a good idea of what is happening at the centres. Click on image to view the slides.
24 Nov - Anna Penrose (UK) is a great fundraiser for MEND and Hope Disability Centre. Anna will meet Ganga when she is visiting the UK, invited by Gulmi Samaj UK which is organising a dinner and dance party fundraising on 4 Dec 2011 for Hope Centre, Gulmi,  Nepal. Ganga will meet several other supporters during her short trip. Click on image for link of Anna's nomination to carry the Olympic Flame with Lloyds TSB in the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay.
21 Nov - A generous donation from an Australian lady allows us to start building a second floor on the Hope Centre building at Gulmi. Work will start soon.
26 Oct - ABILIS Finland has granted funds to train 40 disabled persons at Hope Centre Nepal ... and then back them up with micro-loans so they can buy materials, pay rent for premises, and also buy tools. So the first training was in mobile phone repair and there are 12 disabled persons doing that for 2 months. And 12 persons attended the mushroom farming training held at Govt Agric Centre. Each trainee went home and made 5 plastic bags with boiled straw inside and the mushroom spores were inserted through holes in the plastic.. so after 1 month VOILA! Lovely white baby mushroom. At $4/kg that will be good business because few are growing them there.
So now they need decent sized tunnels that are quite dark inside and yet moist which we help with the black plastic and the seeds for shitake mushrooms... grown separately and the marketing. We have one tunnel being made at Hope as the pilot! Click for more photos
15 Oct - Sam (left) donated the five magnifier for partial blindness and three Blind stick which can be folded easily. Ganga, the manager of Hope Tamghas on the right and Hope's center Physiotherapist Pradip Rai

Click for more photos
14 Oct - A poor epilepsy woman received a loan from Abilis to buy 2 pregnant goats. Rather than Hope have to pay regular bills each month for a patient's medicine. ( which we sponsor if they are very poor.) it is better to plan a micro-loan so that they can start their own small business.. so they can buy the medicine with their own funds. So two pregnant goats will soon be 6 goats, since Mama Goat has two babies within! And a pregnant goat costs $125 each...with 2 babies. So the goat herd of 6 will be worth $825 in 6 months... In Nepal if someone can earn $!00 per month that is a minimum but decent salary! Goat farming suits the drier, but grassy parts of Nepal where few other businesses can be started. Click for more photos
26 Sept - The small girl fell from a house roof to ground... and now needs lost of physiotherapy to get her walking better... but her mother is not so active to do her part.. so she needs counseling to get more involved!

Click on photo to enlarge
25 Sept - Photos just taken of 20 Army boys all tidying up our access road to Hope Centre, Nepal, what a great resource and no one seems to call on the Army to help and these boys all want to come EVERY DAY!  We had a grant from the local council of NZ$1000 to level and gravel the road... and now a top finishing of harder limestone gravel will be done soon..
Click here for
16 Sept - Hope Centre team held a camp in Naram village 25km from the centre. Julie and Marcus' motor bike took them there... lots of kids with wax and pain in ears... all sorts of disabilities... we now start working on those cases... some needing big surgery so they can walk... also a bench chair we want to have made for INSIDE Hope for visitors.. Also the 6 am local kids coming for some extra tuition at Hope.. given by the physiotherapist for 2 hours... kids here all want to learn more as they have homes and environments with little opportunity to do so.... Click for Photos

15 Sept - Sita had her 2nd operation on the other clubfoot Click for Photos

14 Sept - September newsletter Hope Centre (pdf)

Click to enlarge

12 Sept - Gulmi Samaj UK is organising a dinner and dance party fundraising on 4 Dec 2011 for Hope Centre, Gulmi,  Nepal. Please check out their website: Gulmi Samaj UK 

Click on image to enlarge.

Click to enlarge

5 September -  See great clay & stone cooking fireplace at Hope Centre Nepal, made by volunteers Sarah and Nicola from NZ but working in Australia!

Click image to enlarge

1 Sept - Rob is back at Hope Centre in Tamghas, find him on Google Earth image -

More images
Teke's video 11 Aug - Nina Wells has completed a video for ALTSO about Teke with footage supplied by Rob Buchanan and MEND, click on Image for video in YouTube.
27 May - Nepali volunteers Graham and Jenny Wigley have sponsored Ganga Ghimire, she is the girl who was cataract blind almost from age 1 and at age 13 both eyes had Hollows intra ocular lens inserted. Last year the Treasurer Brian and Judith and MEND each paid a third of her costs. Rob visited Dab Bahadur's school yesterday and took a few photos of Ganga.. looking happy.. and slowly moving up classes.. as you can see she is still in the smallest classes..  New photos of Ganga in Gallery.
25 May -  The Charlie Runners, Charlie and Wendy, Julie and Marcus, Anna, Katie and Jennie, the UK supporters, raised £600 on Sunday 22 May for the Hope Centre in Nepal . Charlie organised a run 2 years ago which helped raise 33% of the building cost of Hope Centre! The run was in the Curry Mallet 10km loop, in Somerset, near Taunton. Julie came all the way from
Peterborough for the run, its about a 6hr drive away.    Photos in Gallery.
23 May - Ganga is just fitting a young girl with a hearing aid, she had not heard much in last 5 years after some infection in the ear, so she is happy.
Rob has been making these standing frames which hold up kids who otherwise flop over, this boy is getting stronger every day, he calls Rob "father:"!
Photos in Gallery.
Click for photos
21 May - A woman came to Tamghas in the ambulance from Chitwan with husband and friend, a 6 hour drive... after referral by friend in UK.. so that all happened in 3 days!  This woman had some accident.. then hemiplegic.. so she is sitting too much.. in fact 4 years.
She has big bed sore.. that needs careful care.. they can get bigger and cause loss of her life. 

Bed sores are not easy to get rid of and so sitting in wheelchair in hot tropics can make that fatal. The physiotherapist has advised her NOT to use wheelchair. She has one good leg and should get exercise and needs a PT to help her each day back in Chitwan.
So we will need to find her a physiotherapist there. Click on image to enlarge 
Click for photos

16 May - Fitting hearing aids at Hope Centre Nepal. Checking for infection or wax build-up which will need treatment first. Testing hearing levels with a screening audiometer to make an audiogram. Fitting a donated behind-the-ear hearing aid or in-the-ear hearing aid. 
Click on image for photos

15 May - An assessment camp was held in Dhorkot village about 20km from Hope Centre in Nepal. Access was by Jeep. Rob and Ganga were assisted by Chief District Officer, and two doctors. Ganga and Rob saw a whole range of disabilities. Ganga had to walk down a steep hill to get there in hot sun.. and testing a girls' ears who just suddenly lost her hearing 2 years ago.. but we think can get much back with a hearing aid we will fit soon..   More photos in Gallery.

10 May - Ganga's (Hope Centre manager) youngest sister Sita ran away with handsome man... and married a year ago... after baby was born she can regain face by another wedding at family house... so that happened yesterday.. See the photos..

Click to enlarge

6 May - Jim, the webmaster has been talking to Rob via Skype at the Hope Disabilty Centre in Nepal where he is working at the moment, Rob was joined on Skype by Teke Bohara, the 14 year old who had surgery on both feet and his sister Radhika who speaks a little English. Rob will take some photos around the Hope Centre to give us a better impression of what life is in the area. Click on image to enlarge.

28 April - Teke is a great kid (he says he is now 14) and has no parents.. he was staying with his grandparents in a village. He now stays at the Hope Centre and he is having to wash his own clothes and dishes to help us .. and soon how to cook.. as Nepali males don't cook much. Second day now at a new school .. and they even have a school bus to collect him and others from Hope Centre. He stays at Hope and is being sponsored by an Auckland teacher Sam Buckley.  Before and After operation photos of Teke Bohara's disability

29 March - Pauline and Mark travelled to Nepal and India in 2010 and worked at the Hope Centre at Tamghas, Gulmi, Nepal. They made a great Blog of their experiences, well worth to read and check the photos. It starts when they arrive in Nepal with a Culture Shock

27 March - Photos of Bishnu Shrestha, the first person to have the hands fitted supplied by ALTSO - More 

17 March 2011 - I am Ganga from Hope Disability Centre. Today we had a big event, all local media and Nepal Television people came to film and inspect our Hope Disability Centre.

Also today the Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK, a charitable association of Gulmi people in the UK, visited us from U.K. and they handed over a donation to Hope Disability Centre of Rs250,000 (US$3500) They are very nice people and we gave them respected Nepali Sal Award. The U.K Nepali committee told us to use this money to buy 10 Hand land (means 10 x 18", 1 hand is the Nepalis measuring of distance from fingertip to elbow) for a playground, which we want to make this year. We do not have any play ground at the moment. U.K Nepali Committee will be helping more and next year they will be donating an Ambulance or Van.

I also invited Man Jaya Ram Subadi from Kathmandu because he gave a personal donation of Rs 50,000 ( US$700) In his speech he thanked the Hope Board's and Ganga's hard work, and he was very happy to give that donation. 

Once again thanks so much for our respected donors. Because of your great efforts we are able to work and be successful at our Centre. Please check out the pictures of the handover of the donation.

 Click here to Enlarge photos

15 Mar - A Leg To Stand On ("ALTSO") has supplied 20 artificial hands to Hope Centre in Nepal donated by Americares.    

Click for Hand Evaluation Video 
Click for Hand Fitting Video
Click for Hand Grips and Use Video
Click for Hand Training Video
Click for Hand Photo Gallery
Click for Hand in Action Video

28 Feb - Rob Buchanan has been doing this sort of thing for over 20 years in various parts of the world. Nina Wells volunteered at this centre in Nepal and also shot an update story for BBC World Challenge on behalf of One Planet Pictures. 
This short video is an insight into one of his projects in the foothills of the Himalayas.