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Hope Gulmi, Nepal
Ideal Centre, Nepal

Hope Centres, Kashmir
Upliftment of Kashmir
Voice Ghana
Mobility Found. Ghana

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How You Can HELP  

MEND depends on donations and volunteers to reach out to the disabled and disadvantaged in poorer countries around the world.

......  and what can we get for what price in Nepal, Kashmir or Ghana!

Corrective surgery to release a knee or elbow from contracture $100 - $200

Physiotherapy for 1 month to exercise a limb after surgery $50

An artificial limb fitted for leg or arm $250

A wheelchair or walker supplied or made $100 - $200

Travel costs to get to hospital for patient and caregiver $20 - $50


MEND makes excellent use of every dollar donated to it.  If you would like to support our work, please make a direct credit to the following account:

MEND Trust, ANZ Bank, Keri Keri Branch, New Zealand, Acc. No: 01-0382-0043240-50

Or, you can  send a cheque to us, made out to MEND Trust, and mailed to us at:
MEND Trust,
PO Box 94, 23 Landing Road, Keri Keri, Northland, New Zealand

Thank you very much for your support !

Donations of Hearing Aids and Used Limbs

We happily accept used hearing aids - especially the behind the ear type. These are refitted by audiologists and sold to help raise funds for our rehabilitation centres.

We also love to get used prosthetic limbs. They can be re-fitted to disabled people and change their lives.

Please contact MEND at if you have used hearing aids or limbs, or could help us collect them in your area.

Promote our Website 

Please promote our website by adding any of the MEND logos below, or a text link, on your own web site and linking it to 


Buy any of our exclusive products from the MEND Shop

MEND has several opportunities for volunteers.

We need volunteers to call around their local community seeking used hearing aids and prosthetic limbs, walkers, and callipers.

We need volunteers to print out the latest edition of the MEND newsletter on their own computer, and other volunteers to mail out these newsletters with handwritten notes of thanks to our donors.

We need volunteers to research grants and awards that MEND can apply for.

We need volunteers to offer to show the MEND DVD to community service organisations, or even at the local library.

We need volunteers to show the MEND DVD to local schools

We need volunteers who are travelling to India, Kashmir, or Nepal to bring some used hearing aids or prosthetic limbs with them. These can be dropped off and then shipped locally or picked up, saving expensive transport costs.

We need volunteers travelling to India, Kashmir, or Nepal to bring back items we have been given or purchased so we can raffle them off in New Zealand to raise funds.

We need volunteers to come to MEND projects around the world to see for yourselves the work being done, and help where you can.

Volunteer Application Form.

Please save, then complete the form and
E-mail to the following address: 

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