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MEND is a small aid agency and non-profit organisation, registered in New Zealand in 1991. We rely greatly on volunteers and operate on a shoestring, using laptops as “cyber offices” to network, so have few overheads. The majority of your donations then go to our partners and their disabled members in Nepal, Kashmir and AP India, Uganda, Kenya and Ghana.

We focus on building up the capacity of our partners to effectively run rehabilitation programmes that improve the mobility, independence and incomes of their disabled members. We also help maintain their websites so that donors can see fresh activity and positive change to members’ lives.

Our mission is to “promote self-help, not give sympathy”

We are also recycling hearing aids and artificial limbs from NZ, Australia and Germany that provide our projects with low cost quality hearing and mobility equipment. MEND has donee status at the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) in NZ so that all personal donations are eligible for a 33.3% rebate with no limit now!

MEND assists people with disabilities by:

1. Providing low-cost mobility equipment and other physio aids that are designed to suit special needs and local conditions.
2. Setting up self-help workshops in developing countries to transfer skills, training and technology.
3. Seeking sponsors and funding for equipment for those that can not afford it.
4. Liaising them with medical and rehabilitation services.
5. Promoting their needs and problems and finding solutions through our resource network.


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