Hearing Aids

Image Top row: Behind the ear type (BTE), Bottom row: In the Ear Canal type

MEND can supply excellent hearing aids directly from the factory at low price, ranging from US$80 ( analogue -BTE Behind the ear ) to $375 US ( Digital and Instant fit) Prices are ex factory, postage extra. )

Profits of the sale of Hearing Aids will be used to purchase hearing aids for the poor at our supported Centres.

We require the patient’s audiogramme so the factory can pre-programme the hearing aid according their hearing loss.

Analogue hearing aids can be self programmed.

1 year guarantee on all these hearing aids

The following Hearing Aids are available:

1.  Pocket AA ..for mild to  profound  .. to 110 dbs hearing loss

2.  Analogue 13’A for mild to severe  …. to 85 dbs loss

3.  Digital manual control for mild to severe …to 100 dbs loss ( BTE or CIC)

4.  Digital manual congrol for mild to profound…to 120 dbs loss (BTE or CIC)

5.  Pre-programmed fully digital hearing aids for mild to profound..to 130 dbs and many channels.
(requires recent audiogramme sent by email to us)


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