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Self-Reliance at our Hope Centre in Gulmi, Nepal: Arjun and his group come from the Palpa district. Group members are all differently-abled, including visually and physically challenged members. They are wonderful entrepreneurs and make handicrafts, incense..

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A history of the Kashmir conflict | The Economist

Rob spends a lot of time in Kashmir at our Hope Disability Centre and sees for himself the atrocities that are happening in this unbelievably beautiful part of the world. Of course we don’t hear about it in the media. But we see the injuries. Here’s a..

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LN-4 hand video

We’re sending hands to Swaziland, Kenya and our other projects! They’re donated by the Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation. Each hand is assembled as company companies pay for them. On the hearing aid front we’re soon having pocket hearing..

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We Help Two

Latest News: Our supporters U.S. based ‘We Help Two’ are travelling to India in March. We’re shipping 50 limb kits to them in Texas. They’ll carry them plus other limb parts donated from New York to our two Hope Centres in Gulmi and Kashmir. Thanks guys..

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Katalemwa Cheshire Home

Update from our friends at Katalemwa Cheshire Children’s Home in Uganda…

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Monic was a busy food outlet manager with 54 staff. But her managers were putting a lot of pressure on her and one day she had a devastating hemi stroke – one side of her body was severely weakened. She lost her job. MEND has helped her to walk with a..

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Thanks Trevor and the young US ‘We Help Two Team’ who raise money to fund limbs and change lives – watch the video and learn more… #NewLimbs

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Affordable Limbs for All ...ALFA 2018

We’ve met so many people in Africa who’ve lost limbs through car and workplace accidents, snake bites, meningitis, congenital causes – now they can afford new limbs through our Affordable Limbs For All Prigramme. Many thanks to all our supporters

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Photos from MEND - Supporting the Differently Abled's post

Vicky has been deaf her whole life. She is a 27 year old Ugandan single mum with 3 small children. We’ve given her a hearing aid and now she can hear for the first time in her life Would you like to buy one of her lovely bags – only NZ$20 each. E-mail:..

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Photos from MEND - Supporting the Differently Abled's post

We supply the cheapest limbs in Africa! Through our ALFA – Affordable Limbs For All – Project in Kenya – AK Above Knee limbs cost $200-$250 and BK Below Knee limbs cost $100-$150. Here’s a few people up on their “feet” again in Kenya at our ALFA workshop..

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Yahoo Now

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In Dodoma, capital of Tanzania. MEND funds helped to get this youth walking ‍♂️ now he can do whatever he wants #bestgiftever

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Photos from MEND - Supporting the Differently Abled's post

“Last night I met these three cute deaf kids with their teacher and ENT doctor at the main hospital on Lake Victoria in Tanzania. I was happy getting them all hearing with the donated New Zealand Hearing Association hearing aids Two had heard no sound..

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Photos from MEND - Supporting the Differently Abled's post

See three profoundly deaf youths I got hearing well with hearing aids…and it’s the first time in their life they have heard any sound. Now one needs a welder to start his own business so MEND will help ‍‍

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News from Rob: I’m in Musoma in Tanzania on beautiful Lake Victoria…fitting hearing aids today and arranging limbs all over this country…using chinese parts. Costs are coming down bigtime…from $800 us to US$100 per lower limb. Staying at this great..

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