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In Dodoma, capital of Tanzania. MEND funds helped to get this youth walking ‍♂️ now he can do whatever he wants #bestgiftever

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Photos from MEND - Supporting the Differently Abled's post

“Last night I met these three cute deaf kids with their teacher and ENT doctor at the main hospital on Lake Victoria in Tanzania. I was happy getting them all hearing with the donated New Zealand Hearing Association hearing aids Two had heard no sound..

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Photos from MEND - Supporting the Differently Abled's post

See three profoundly deaf youths I got hearing well with hearing aids…and it’s the first time in their life they have heard any sound. Now one needs a welder to start his own business so MEND will help ‍‍

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News from Rob: I’m in Musoma in Tanzania on beautiful Lake Victoria…fitting hearing aids today and arranging limbs all over this country…using chinese parts. Costs are coming down bigtime…from $800 us to US$100 per lower limb. Staying at this great..

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In The Know Innovation


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The accessibility programme at Hope Centre, Gulmi District is funded by Gord and daughter Erin from Canada. They also provide funding to Hope through sales of Gail’s book “Hastening to Help” about their Himalayan Trekking Company. You can read about these..

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Help the disabled poor in Nepal. - Givealittle

Our wonderful supporters, the Heckers, have set up this Givealittle Page for Hope Disability Centre in Nepal…please share with your friends…

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Knock Knock- Progressing with Brain Injuries

Hi Friends – for people with brain injuries needing support and help there is a new Facebook Page. We recommend you like and follow:

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Photos from MEND - Supporting the Differently Abled's post

We had orthopedic shoes made for Newton in Kenya. Unfortunately the shoes were left at the local library and not delivered to him. The library staff didn’t care either. So the shoes sat for 6 months! We are urgently trying to find Newton – a bit tricky..

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Bored Panda Art

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Timeline Photos

Hi team..lots of small kids with cerebral palsy need to sit up and stand up educate their bodies..or brain..of what a normal posture is. So we made a CP chair here at Hope Centre that still needs velcro straps..for kids needing head control..

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Namaste from Nepal… Read about Gail n Gord and their book that is funding the support programme here in Gulmi District for people with disabilities…

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Hastening to Help in Nepal June 17, 2017 Take a look at latest project improving accessibility and sanitation, and other support..for people with disabilities in Gulmi District of Nepal.. Thanks to a chance enquiry online..

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Next creative project for Rob Buchanan!!

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