20 Dec - Today Ganga had a 2 hour long TV interview for a documentary. Lots of questions about the fundraising and her background. As soon as we can hold of the video we will publish. Ganga is very happy  in London for the International Disability Day celebrations and that so much funds have been raised by all Nepali People. Please click on image for Ganga's speech video, its all in Nepali though.

19 Dec - The Fundraising event held by Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK event has raised a total of 11,124.68 for the Hope Centre in Gulmi. Ganga also visited some of MEND's sponsors in the UK. New photos have been uploaded, please click on image to see then all.

13 Dec - MEND is seeking the next most needy area to set up a new rehabilitation centre in the Kashmir Valley that will expand Hope Centre's services to many more neglected kids and youth with disabilities." Anantnag is one of the districts being considered, which had a lot of years of militancy and lack of medical facilities. It would be great to get support from Kashmiris who live overseas to make this new centre modern and effective! Click on image for more

12 Dec - MEND Newsletter December is now online

11 Dec - If you know of anyone who has a spare hearing aid we also recycle them! Thanks to the Hearing Association of NZ and other donors we have helped 200 deaf kids and youth in the past year to hear well.

8 Dec - Introducing our new Treasurer Sarah Nicolson (left on photo). Sarah and her friend Nicola Macklin visited Hope Centre Gulmi, Nepal this year where they met Rob, our Director. Both worked on some projects, and both expressed that they were very keen to get more involved with MEND's projects, which resulted in Sarah's appointment as Treasurer after Brian's retirement. Nicola will also be involved with MEND on special projects in the future. Both are full of energy and have impressive CVs. We are sure they will be a great asset to MEND.

7 Dec -  Brian Clarke, MEND's valuable treasurer for a number of years has recently resigned to hand over his position to Sarah Nicolson. We like to thank Brian and his wife Judith for their great support, work and their continuing support of the disabled in Nepal, they are sponsoring several children's school fees and have visited the centre last year. We wish them well and we are sure they will keep an interest in MEND's activities in the future. Again, Thank you Brian and Judith.

6 December - The Fundraising event held by Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK event was a huge SUCCESS and it represents first of its kind ever organised in UK in recent years. We should be proud of their accomplishment and everyone had a great time. We understand that a large amount was raised for Hope Disability Centre at Gulmi. More details as they come to hand, in the meantime check out their website for many photos. Click on image.

5 Dec -  A typical bus ride from Kathmandu to Dolakha on YouTube, click on image.

4 December - Click on image for Team photo of Hope Disability Centre Kupwara, Kashmir. Celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities.
Dear All, It is my pleasure to inform you that we celebrated International Day of Persons with Disabilities at Hope Disability Centre; SHS, Kupwara on 02 December 2011. It was attended by Government officials from district administration apart from our beneficiaries. The event showcased some competitive activities among persons with ... Click for MORE

30 Nov - Ganga, the manager of Hope Disability Centre, Gulmi, Nepal and her companion have arrived in the UK as guest of Gulmi Samaj UK which is organising a dinner and dance party fundraising on 4 Dec for Hope Centre, she will stay at the home of Chairman Mr. Thapa.
Photos of her trip added to the Photo Gallery - Click on Image to view, new photos will be updated as we receive them.

29 Nov - We have added a Guestbook for your Feedback, please select from the main menu on the left or click on image.

28 Nov - New photos of Kupwara building added to the Photo Gallery - Click on Image

Click to enlarge

26 Nov - Buy a Dinghy for only $849 inc. GST and support a surgery.

Weight: Only 35 kg Seats are sealed & waterproof for buoyancy
Colours: Grey, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black, Rescue-Orange
2.5 x 1.3 metre polyethylene, tough, stable, easy-to-row, easy-to-clean and carry.

Click on image to enlarge or go to the MEND Shop Page

25 Nov - A great slide show about Ganga and Hope Disability Centre, Gulmi with lots of interesting photos. These images are from a Powerpoint presentation that Ganga will present at the Gulmi Samaj UK fundraising on 4 Dec in UK. Made by Nina Wells.
This is actually the best presentation to get a good idea of what is happening at the centres. Click on image to view the slides.

24 Nov - Anna Penrose (UK) is a great fundraiser for MEND and Hope Disability Centre. Anna will meet Ganga when she is visiting the UK, invited by Gulmi Samaj UK which is organising a dinner and dance party fundraising on 4 Dec 2011 for Hope Centre, Gulmi,  Nepal. Ganga will meet several other supporters during her short trip. Click on image for link of Anna's nomination to carry the Olympic Flame with Lloyds TSB in the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay.
23 Nov - Final MEND Accounts and Director's reports 2011 are now available,
click on image
21 Nov - A generous donation from an Australian lady allows us to start building a second floor on the Hope Centre building at Gulmi. Work will start soon.
17 November - Click on image for photographs of Hope Disability Centre Kupwara, which is now functional with following rooms;
1. Physiotherapy Room.
2. Office
3. Night Stay Room
4. Meeting Room, along with
5. Kitchen and Bathroom
Beneficiaries have already started to visit this treatment centre to avail benefits of our services. we are in need of some physiotherapy equipment to upscale it in order to enhance our quantity and quality of services here. MEND has supported to construct fence around the the vicinity of this centre and installation of Roof, which is likely to be completed in 10 days. I would like to thank both ALTSO and MEND in lending full support to accomplish the construction of this Centre, which will help us in Rehabilitating more and more Persons with disabilities in the area.
Sami Wani, Director Hope Disability Centre, Srinagar, Kashmir
5 Nov - A new option at the top of the menu. MEND makes excellent use of every dollar donated to it.  If you would like to support our work, please use the Gift and Donation Form to make a payment. Click on the Form to download it in Word format.
1 Nov - Make your own wood stove. If you can get a large old gas bottle turn it upside down, cut a door hole and door that is airtight, put chimney on you can make very good woodstove. Put a grill inside for making fire on and some small holes for ventilation at bottom. This is sample Rob made from smallest gas bottle and good for a small room. But get the large gas bottle and it will get hot and keep the room warm. If you can use glass door that is heat proof.
Click for photos.
26 Oct - ABILIS Finland has granted funds to train 40 disabled persons at Hope Centre Nepal ... and then back them up with micro-loans so they can buy materials, pay rent for premises, and also buy tools. So the first training was in mobile phone repair and there are 12 disabled persons doing that for 2 months. And 12 persons attended the mushroom farming training held at Govt Agric Centre. Each trainee went home and made 5 plastic bags with boiled straw inside and the mushroom spores were inserted through holes in the plastic.. so after 1 month VOILA! Lovely white baby mushroom. At $4/kg that will be good business because few are growing them there.
So now they need decent sized tunnels that are quite dark inside and yet moist which we help with the black plastic and the seeds for shitake mushrooms... grown separately and the marketing. We have one tunnel being made at Hope as the pilot! Click for more photos
17 Oct - Denis Buchanan is Rob's (Director MEND) brother who owns a fruit orchard in Tasmania. He is a keen tramper in the Himalayas and recently visited the Hope Centre in Srinagar, Kashmir. Denis looked at fruit growing in the area and how to improve production and .....
Click for more.
15 Oct - Sam (left) donated the five magnifier for partial blindness and three Blind stick which can be folded easily. Ganga, the manager of Hope Tamghas on the right and Hope's center Physiotherapist Pradip Rai

Click for more photos
14 Oct - A poor epilepsy woman received a loan from Abilis to buy 2 pregnant goats. Rather than Hope have to pay regular bills each month for a patient's medicine, ( which we sponsor if they are very poor.) it is better to plan a micro-loan so that they can start their own small business.. so they can buy the medicine with their own funds. So two pregnant goats will soon be 6 goats, since Mama Goat has two babies within! And a pregnant goat costs $125 each...with 2 babies. So the goat herd of 6 will be worth $825 in 6 months... In Nepal if someone can earn $!00 per month that is a minimum but decent salary! Goat farming suits the drier, but grassy parts of Nepal where few other businesses can be started. Click for more photos
25 Sept - Photos just taken of 20 Army boys all tidying up our access road to Hope Centre, Nepal, what a great resource and no one seems to call on the Army to help and these boys all want to come EVERY DAY!  We had a grant from the local council of NZ$1000 to level and gravel the road... and now a top finishing of harder limestone gravel will be done soon..
Click here for

23 Sept - Here is an article in NZ newspaper about a great NZ NGO that gathers up surplus medical equipment from all over NZ and allows MEND and others to literally take a shopping trolley around their storage facility in Auckland ... in fact a supermarket of recycled essential PT / medical items... and we just brought a load of physiotherapy equipment to Nepal kindly donated by MAA. and the bonus is that we can take free any items if for projects overseas.!!
Thanks MAANZ - Click to download article in .pdf

19 Sept - Hazim, at the age of 8 years is suffering from hearing and speech impairment. He lost his father, when Indian army shot him dead in a tragic incident and his mother takes care of him now. She was eagerly waiting for help that can make her son able to hear. Last week, on 7th September 2011, she came to know about Hope Disability Centre (HDC) and she visited here on the same day with her son. Hazim was immediately provided ...........
Click for full story (pdf)

17 Sept - Om is testing a donated ALTSO artificial hand for its functional ability and Prakash is now walking with recycled prosthetic parts kindly donated to MEND by APC and ALC Limb Centres in Sydney Australia. He was fitted at NOPC, Nepal Orthotic and Prosthetic Centre Kathmandu"   Click for Photos

16 Sept - Hope Centre team held a camp in Naram village 25km from the centre. Julie and Marcus' motor bike took them there... lots of kids with wax and pain in ears... all sorts of disabilities... we now start working on those cases... some needing big surgery so they can walk... also a bench chair we want to have made for INSIDE Hope for visitors.. Also the 6 local kids coming for some extra tuition at Hope.. given by the physiotherapist for 2 hours... kids here all want to learn more as they have homes and environments with little opportunity to do so.... Click for Photos

15 Sept - Sita had her 2nd operation on the other clubfoot Click for Photos

14 Sept - September newsletter Hope Centre (pdf)
Click to enlarge

12 Sept - Gulmi Samaj UK is organising a dinner and dance party fundraising on 4 Dec 2011 for Hope Centre, Gulmi,  Nepal. Please check out their website: Gulmi Samaj UK 

Click on invitation image to enlarge.

Click to enlarge

9 September -  Rotary Club of Dhulikhel-Nepal implementing a matching grant # 74335 to support school education project in Bhuwoneswori Lower Secondary School Baluwa. In the school physical infrastructure are very poor and students of grade five does not have proper desk and benches to accommodate 45 student. On 28 August 2011 two visitor from New Zealand visited the school and surrounding village Baluwa. During School visit Sarah Nicolson and Nicola Macklin handed over the school furniture. Click for MORE

8 September - A DAY in THE LIFE of Rob in Nepal: We were busy yesterday, mobile phone repair started which has a 2 hour mobile phone study and 1 hour computer basic course so the trainees can programme the phones too.. and we sent another two boys to work in furniture factory in Kathmandu both happy to have a job and we identified a small girl with bent neck needing intensive PT, she and grandfather will be here again tomorrow for 1 month every day to correct that. We attended a monthly regular screening of disabled persons of Gulmi and so we get new cases there, so photos and stories of ABILIS training coming, bamboo cut now for building mushroom farming building and sewing trainer came and we took a hour or so to negotiate the cost and conditions for training of of 23 year old former patient, burn hand boy to do diploma course so he can cut and make clothes better, nice and who will help us lots in future at low cost... so lots on... we even got a 50,000 rupee grant approved at LDO office ( Mayor) and that is for gravelling the driveway as that is grass and slippery and I got new old Indian bike going but found hole in petrol tank so we bogged that with epoxy that is 4 valve job sounds like 400 CC but is only 125 cc!

Click to enlarge

5 September -  See great clay & stone cooking fireplace at Hope Centre Nepal, made by volunteers Sarah and Nicola from NZ but working in Australia! Click image to enlarge

29 August - MEND's webmaster is working on a new website for "Voice Ghana', formerly known as VOLPHIG Volta project, check it out, almost ready. Click on image

28 August - Chetan, a little boy who has Cerebral Palsy is making a lot of progress since his mother brings him every day for exercising and treatment.. so that is the reason for success..! The walker was donated from NZ and the stand designed and built by Rob.
Thanks ALTSO for continues support for him.
Click for More photos

27 August - Tricycle builder in India

Click for more photos

26 August - 'Opening of residential and post surgery care hostel has come as a relief to Ghulam Haider, who is a carpenter by profession as his son Asif Haider,14, required continuous rehabilitation services after he received CTEV (club foot deformity) corrective surgery.  Ghulam Haider said, "Initially I could not afford medical treatment for my son Asif that is why his condition left unattended for almost 13 years. It was in June 2011 that my friend Click for More

22 August - We need sponsors for these patients. This hand of a woman aged 30 was burned when she was a baby. All patients are from our last camp at Kirani.. on road from Ridi to Santipur ...in Gulmi, Nepal

Click on Image to download full page with photos

20 August - The great "unfolding' story of this burn victim boy's arm. Dr. Kiran Nakarmi at Model Hospital plastic surgery team did first of 3 surgeries to release the burns in July 2011. He will have 2nd surgery to release his elbow soon and finally surgery to release his hand. Then we will help him start his business with training and a loan/ grant...  So in a month or so when the Model Hospital plastic surgery team call him, he will have the next stage done.. freeing up his elbow... and later his 3rd surgery for wrist..  Thanks so much Dr Kiran Nakarami and the Model Team.. and ALTSO...

Click here for Photo Gallery.

19 August - One of our staff, Ajidshafi , who is a Speech Therapist and audiologist & myself had went Kupwara to attend hearing aid camp where beneficiaries with hearing disability were consulted. These beneficiaries were identified by our community workers. All these hearing aids were fitted to beneficiaries at HDC Kupwara . 
Click on Image to download full report with photos

Click to enlarge

18 August - Mubeena, is a beneficiary of Hope Disability Centre, Kashmir, we have visited several times to her home and she was coming to HDC in 2008-09 for rehabilitation.. During that year we used to pick and drop the beneficiaries. She came her with a walker on top of our HDC van. Now she is able to walk with a walking stick after suffering for 18 years.  

Click on image to enlarge.

11 August - Nina Wells has completed a video for ALTSO about Teke with footage supplied by Rob Buchanan and MEND, click on Image for video in YouTube.
9 August - Deformity Empowerment Foundation (DEF). Maiduguri the Borno state capital, North-eastern Nigeria, has witnessed increased limb injuries from gun shots resulting in amputation arising from Islamic insurgence within the year which is still on going. Effort to set up limb prosthesis centre was intensified within the year to meet the rising need of the prosthesis for the victims of this violence with the donation of three cartons of limb components by Amputee association of Sydney through MEND NZ. Select DEF page from the main menu on the left
Click to enlarge 30 July - Ganga and Rob visited the new Hope Centre in Kupwarra, Kashmir yesterday and were pleased to see it will be soon inaugurated. A number of items remain to be finished. But great to see that already the 4 fulltime Hope staff, funded by Handicap International support, are busy identifying and assessing and referring patients from this Kupwarra centre for treatment. ALTSO sourced the funds (about US$25000) from the Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation to build this Centre. Click image for photo page
Kathy and Ganga with post leprosy patient Kashmir 24 July - Kathy our secretary has arrived in Kashmir and joined Rob Buchanan and Ganga, the manager of Hope Centre Nepal, Kathy has been busy and already seeing lots of things. Kathy Light is a very generous person and MEND's main sponsor, she and her Husband Ken have helped establish new centres in Nepal and Kashmir and helped many disabled people on their way to independence. Click on photo to enlarge.
Kathy on the left with Ganga and a post leprosy patient in his trike. Rob in the background.
Click to enlarge 21 July - Rob and Ganga (Manager Hope Nepal) here in a mountain area above the new project location in Kashmir with DaD partners on horseback. They were actually assessing some new patients while on this short ride !! They are family of the boys holding the reins...

Click to enlarge photo, from the right on the horses: Rob, Dr.Waris, Ganga, Dr Masood.
17 July - Rob is back in Kashmir as they start a new project and centre for disabled persons in another remote district. They are helping a 30 year old man with physiotherapy and soon an orthoses so he can walk better, after being shot by security forces recently. He saw an old man lying in blood on the road...so went over to help him and then shot him in the knee and then 3 others came to the rescue and all were shot - it's a dangerous region  - Photos in Gallery  -  More about Kashmir
29 June - This young patient from Janakpur,  Eastern Nepal has serious burns to arm and body. This is a huge case. Dr.Kiran K. Nakarmi, MD, Director, Interplast Surgical Outreach Program Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Kathmandu Model Hospital Kathmandu has offered to operate this patient. Release the axilla (arm) in the first stage. It requires lots of skin graft from the thigh, and do the elbow in second stage after three months, but the patient will need to stay in Kathmandu for almost a month .... MORE
26 June - Sita is a 25 year old woman from a poor family in Chitwan, Nepal. She was born with two club feet. This is a case of neglected bilateral club feet and required MAJOR surgery, probably more than once in each foot. This may be followed by casting. The duration of treatment may vary from 2 months to one year. If an ilizarove frame is applicable, she will need to stay in hospital for at least five months. The surgery of the right clubfoot has now been done in Kathmandu Hospital - Photo Gallery with images of operation is updated
11 June - Rob is now in Phaplu, back from opening the Ideal Health Centre up near Mt Everest area, after a 12 hours walk over a mountain and wild rain while doing so after a hot shower is making life easier.. some hard climbing..but body taking it well.. even had a porter help over hardest part! Back to cyber cafes! and flight back to Kathmandu in 2 days... 

Now designing modern toilet and shower.. state of the art in that area... and decided to stone lay and then cement the floors from earth floor... though $50 per bag.. as donkeys carry it for 5 days to get there..one donkey carries half a bag on each side... .  Photos in Gallery.
8 June - On 5th June DAD Kashmir organised another free Medical/Dental Camp at Mujipather in Distr. Budgam. A quite good number of patients attended the camp and they were assessed, treated and medicine was distributed accordingly.. There was a rush of KIDS having oral problems and they were counselled to maintain oral hygiene and toothpastes were distributed among them...  MORE  .... and ....  Photos in Gallery.
28 May -  Today Hope Centre had its application to ABILIS in Finland approved today for 10,000 Euros so we will start next month to assess 40 disabled youth to start training in some new skills with loan support to start their businesses.
27 May - Nepali volunteers Graham and Jenny Wigley have sponsored Ganga Ghimire, she is the girl who was cataract blind almost from age 1 and at age 13 both eyes had Hollows intra ocular lens inserted. Last year the Treasurer Brian and Judith and MEND each paid a third of her costs. Rob visited Dab Bahadur's school yesterday and took a few photos of Ganga.. looking happy.. and slowly moving up classes.. as you can see she is still in the smallest classes..  New photos of Ganga in Gallery.
25 May -  The Charlie Runners, Charlie and Wendy, Julie and Marcus, Anna, Katie and Jennie, the UK supporters, raised £600 on Sunday 22 May for the Hope Centre in Nepal . Charlie organised a run 2 years ago which helped raise 33% of the building cost of Hope Centre! The run was in the Curry Mallet 10km loop, in Somerset, near Taunton. Julie came all the way from Petersborough for the run, its about a 6hr drive away.    Photos in Gallery.
23 May - Ganga is just fitting a young girl with a hearing aid, she had not heard much in last 5 years after some infection in the ear, so she is happy. Rob has been making these standing frames which hold up kids who otherwise flop over, this boy is getting stronger every day, he calls Rob "father:"!  Photos in Gallery.
21 May -  A very exciting camp was held at Resunga Hospital yesterday and 75 disabled persons of Gulmi received free quality limbs, wheelchairs and artificial arms, thanks to the great teamwork of NdF and Handicap Internatonial and support from LIons Club.  About 25 patients are under ALTSO funding. Many came as far away as Chitwan, Santipur and another group from Dhurkot came to be measured for aids that will made and sent in the next few months.  Photos in Gallery.
Click for photos

16 May - Fitting hearing aids at Hope Centre Nepal. Checking for infection or wax build-up which will need treatment first. Testing hearing levels with a screening audiometer to make an audiogram. Fitting a donated behind-the-ear hearing aid or in-the-ear hearing aid. 
Click on image for photos

15 May - An assessment camp was held in Dhorkot village about 20km from Hope Centre in Nepal. Access was by Jeep. Rob and Ganga were assisted by Chief District Officer, and two doctors. Ganga and Rob saw a whole range of disabilities. Ganga had to walk down a steep hill to get there in hot sun.. and testing a girls' ears who just suddenly lost her hearing 2 years ago.. but we think can get much back with a hearing aid we will fit soon..   More photos in Gallery.
14 May - We have added a new page, Sponsor a patient,

You can make a difference !
10 May - Two new videos uploaded of a boy in India BEFORE and AFTER he received a prosthesis. With help from ALTSO the WALK Foundation in Andhra Pradesh India is getting kids walking with low-cost, locally-made prostheses.
This boy will now have better mobility to be able to face what life's challenges will also throw at him! Please see the Support 2 WALK website.
Click to enlarge 6 May - Jim, the webmaster has been talking to Rob via Skype at the Hope Disabilty Centre in Nepal where he is working at the moment, Rob was joined on Skype by Teke Bohara, the 14 year old who had surgery on both feet and his sister Radhika who speaks a little English. Rob will take some photos around the Hope Centre to give us a better impression of what life is in the area. Click on image to enlarge.
5 May - India by Handtrike - Shasa Bolton here. So I have come to learn that there is a need for mobility devices for the disabled in the poorer areas of India. Due to birth defects, accidents or disease, a person may spend their life crawling in the dust of a rural village unable to travel far from home. A simple low cost tricycle can improve their mobility and future, allowing them to travel to school or work within the village. Check out his Blog
4 May - UPDATE - Bite the Bullet - Buy a BULLET !   MEND, with the help of KRUSHNA SEVA SAMITHI, is importing 2 classic Royal Enfield motorbikes from India to sell in New Zealand. Any profit will be used to help disabled in India.  ADM7380 is 1979 Model, and ADG7140 is 1985 Model. The Motorbikes have been refurbished and serviced and ready to be exported to NZ. Photographs of two refurbished bikes are shown from different angles. If you are interested in purchasing one of these motorbikes, or interested in one particular model, please contact mend@xtra.co.nz 
Click to enlarge

3 May - Rob met this man (click on image to enlarge) at the Hope Centre yesterday and he has very good function with this operation, its called the The Krukenberg procedure also known as the Krukenberg operation, a surgical technique that converts a forearm stump into a pincer.  It was first described in 1917 by the German army surgeon Hermann Krukenberg 

The procedure involves separating the ulna and radius for below-elbow amputations, and in cases of congenital absence of the hand, to provide a pincerlike grasp that is motored by the pronator teres muscle. The prerequisites for the operation are a stump over 10 cm long from the tip of the olecranon, no elbow contracture, and good psychological preparation and acceptance.....  MORE

28 April - Teke is a great kid (he says he is now 14) and has no parents.. he was staying with his grandparents in a village. He now stays at the Hope Centre and he is having to wash his own clothes and dishes to help us .. and soon how to cook.. as Nepali males don't cook much. His  second day now at a new school .. and they even have a school bus to collect him and others from Hope Centre. He stays at Hope and is being sponsored by an Auckland teacher Sam Buckley.  Before and After operation photos of Teke Bohara's disability

24 April - Aaron Fotheringham was born in 1991 with a Spina Bifida a birth defect of the spinal cord. Watch this amazing, inspirational video of what he can do in his wheelchair.
21 April - MEND has received a formal proposal for help from DEF to set up a limb centre in Nigeria. However we need help from other organizations because of the high cost involved. Deformity Empowerment Foundation (DEF) is a non governmental organization based in Maiduguri, North eastern Nigeria. The organization is involved in assisting under privileged children that have deformities or disabilities with the aim empowering them through appropriate surgical correction or rehabilitation for those with disability... MORE
14 April - Mend director Rob Buchanan will arrive in Kathmandu on Sunday, fully packed up with 50 kgs of supplies...with hearing aids and 30 limbs...  he will visit the centres in Nepal and Kashmir to help the volunteers and staff and also be present at the opening the new Ideal Health Centre in Nepal. He will also meet with officials, volunteers, doctors and government representatives to ensure smooth running of the centres. He will meet patients and their families and help with fitting of limbs, etc. He will be a busy man during his 5 months stay. Rob will report back on this site regularly, so please check this page ....

10 April - On 7th April (World Health Day) DAD team organised a camp in collaboration with a prestigious society of the valley namely Voluntary Medicare Society headed by a renowned ENT specialist Dr Mohammad Maqbool, aimed to work for the disabled and mentally challenged children. ..... MORE

8 April  - Nepal Orthotics and Prosthetics Centre - Photos of kids and others that have fitted using the limb parts donated from NZ and Australia  by APC and ALC. Click for photos
31 March - Kashmir - Along the tree-lined road that passes through here, it is impossible to miss the factories that earn this town its keep. Building after building is buzzing with the sound of machines and clouded by plumes of sawdust. The cricket bat industry of Awantipora is a major source of equipment for India's voracious sporting goods market and an important source of income for for the economy of the troubled state of Kashmir......  MORE
29 March - Photos of Bishnu Shrestha, the first person to have the hands fitted supplied by ALTSO - More
27 March - Pauline and Mark travelled to Nepal and India in 2010 and worked at the Hope Centre at Tamghas, Gulmi, Nepal. They made a great Blog of their experiences, well worth to read and check the photos. It starts when they arrive in Nepal with a Culture Shock

25 March - DaD Team visited the Leprosy Colony in Bahrar area of Srinagar, Kashmir. Bahrar is after the name of a sufi mystic poet Aziz Bahrare. This colony was founded in 1892 by a British lady Miss Mary. The colony has population of 250 persons including children. Out of 250 almost 90-100 are suffering from leprosy and rest are recovered from the disease. The colony has population of 250 persons including children. Out of 250 almost ......... More

23 March 2011 - The Ideal Health Centre is being built, with the help from the local Youth Club, 50 km from Mt Everest ...as the crow flies! It is a very remote area of Solukumbu with no electricity or phone and everything must be carried by porters, no roads. Its first mission is to promote maternity care in that mountainous region where it is a 12 hour walk to the nearest hospital and airport. So many women have died in childbirth.  MORE

18 Mar - Bite the Bullet - Buy a BULLET !   MEND, with the help of KRUSHNA SEVA SAMITHI, is importing 2 classic Royal Enfield motorbikes from India to sell in New Zealand. Any profit will be used to help disabled in India.  ADM7380 is 1979 Model, and ADG7140 is 1985 Model. The Motorbikes will be refurbished and serviced before they are exported. Photographs of two Models are shown from different angles. If you are interested in purchasing one of these motorbikes, or interested in one particular model, please contact mend@xtra.co.nz 

17 Mar - I am Ganga from Hope Disability Centre, Nepal. Today we had a big event, all local media and Nepal Television people came to film and inspect our Hope Disability Centre.
Also today the Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK, a charitable association of Gulmi people in the UK, visited from U.K. and they handed over a donation to Hope Disability Centre of Rs250,000 (US$3500) They are very nice people and we gave them respected Nepali Sal Award. MORE

15 Mar - A Leg To Stand On ("ALTSO") has supplied 20 artificial hands to Hope Centre in Nepal donated by Americares.  
Click for Hand Evaluation Video
               Click for Hand Training Video
Click for Hand Fitting Video
                      Click for Hand Grips and Use Video
Click for Hand Photo Gallery                    Click for Hand in Action Video

11 Mar - About 300 patients including children visited the camp which was organised at Mujpather Budgam primary school. We were 5 team members who went for the camp. Medicines were distributed among the patients. Those who were disabled were assisted and were advised for physiotherapy ........  More

4 Mar - These were some of the 100 patients at the medical camp on February 14, 2011 at Resunga Hospital in Tamghas Gulmi, ( partly-owned and managed by the Hope Centre Treasurer) who had surgery by the Model Hospital plastic surgery team, surgery and travel costs were covered by ALTSO

3 Mar - Gulmi Jilla Samaj UK, a small charitable association of Gulmi people in the UK. 
They are active in Gulmi since its establishment on 7 August, 2007. During their visit 18-21 March they will hand over a donation to Hope Disability Centre, Gulmi, Please read their donation offer by email HERE. (Word format)

28 Feb - Rob Buchanan has been doing this sort of thing for over 20 years in various parts of the world. Nina Wells volunteered at this centre in Nepal and also shot an update story for BBC World Challenge on behalf of One Planet Pictures. 
This short video is an insight into one of his projects in the foothills of the Himalayas.

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25 Feb - Images by Nina Wells  of Hope Disability Centre Doco Project, Nepal. 2010

24 Feb - Partner Krushna Seva Samithi have distributed four Wooden Shops to disabled. For a long time they have been running small businesses on the footpath and were facing difficulties in summer and the rainy seasons, with the help of a local ngo, they have arranged the wooden shops freely to the disabled. More photos HERE

Visit ABILIS to DaD, Kashmir

23 Feb 
Visit by ABILIS team to Kashmir and meeting with DaD team.

22 Feb
DaD Kashmir (Disabled & Disadvantaged) photo story from their first camp 2 Dec 2010
(pdf 1.8MB)
or View photos only in Photo Gallery

19 Feb - With every pair of shoes you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One. www.TOMS.com

18 Feb 
Patient file before and after photos

17 Feb 
February MEND Newsletter (Word)

16 Feb
Photo from a recent camp held with Krushna Seva Samithi in Andra Pradesh.
sponsored these 12 wheelchairs..  The patients all need assessment and follow up.

ln4Hand.jpg (19050 bytes)

12 Feb 2011
are going to ship a box of (20) transradial prostheses to Hope Disability Centre in Nepal this coming Monday. Rotary will take care of Customs clearance for the shipment and Rob will be in Nepal mid April and will also help get those 20 hands fitted .. and report back to ALTSO.. ... Click for Hand details (pdf)

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