10 Kids with Malaria in Kenya

I was visiting a poor children’s home in rural Kisii in Kenya, that we had previously supported for a few years.
I found 10 kids in beds under blankets with malaria…and no mosquito nets…
So we are renting an 8 room set building nearby to give these 36 stray kids a decent place to sleep with new mosquito nets and an older woman to stay with them as a caregiver.
A new medical centre was only 50 metres away so we took all 10 for malaria treatment and skin rashes too..and one girl had a PID infection (pelvic inflammatory disease)
We started asking the girls. who are up to age 12, to tell us why they left their original homes…and that was very sad listening.
So that bigger counselling processes will start to see if reconciliation is possible. Sadly a lot of those kids are ages 5-7.
If you would like to support our work with the kids you can contribute here>>
Rob, Director, MEND NZ

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