News from Dr Marty at the Masai Child and Maternity Hospital in Kenya

Dr Marty and the local Masai people worked hard, with the support of the Lions Club, to build a new maternity and child hospital in Ngoswani, Northern Kenya.

Before Help Masai was established the closest hospital and medical care was hundreds of kilometres away…

Greetings from Marty in Kenya
I arrived in Nairobi, then traveled to Ngoswani Safely with my luggage. I did meet with a couple of people in Nairobi about the Lions Ngoswani Community Maternal and Child Hospital.

Dr Martin Graber and Dr Alex Baraza
Dr Martin Graber and Dr Alex Baraza
I met with the contractor of Phase Two at Ngoswani. Since he did not fulfill the contract as written, I have contracted another contractor to complete the Construction of Phase Two. I have enough money in Kenya to complete the construction of Phase Two. No work had been done on Phase Two while I was gone for six months.
    I have ordered and paid for the building materials needed to complete the hospital. They are to be delivered today. Also, the workers are to come today. I have used them before as they were trained by a missionary contractor I knew. He has since retired. They had helped build a few of the self sustaining health centers that we developed.
The Kenyan Election is scheduled for August 8. I do not plan to be on the road for at lease two weeks before and two weeks after the Election.
Lions Maternity Child Hospital Narok Kenya
  The sun is very warm, 100 miles south of the Equator. Being more than 6,000 feet elevation makes for very pleasant and warm temperature, with a nice cool breeze.
  Last week, a woman was killed by an elephant. She was at a water hole an hour after dark. That is a NO-NO. The next day, a Masai man wanted to kill an elephant with a spear. He arms and legs were broken when the elephant stepped on him, but he survived.
 I had heard pygmies used to kill elephants with spears. They would run under an elephant, with a spear and stab the elephant. With a perforated bowel, the elephant would usually die within 3 or 4 days. They would follow the elephant until it died from sepsis. Reportedly, the pygmies were safe as long as they stayed under the belly.  
  A long draught is causing problems with people in this part of the world. I saw a man at the airport who had recently been in South Sudan and in Somalia where he reported many small children are dying. He said they have been dropping food to the people.  
We hope to open the hospital later this year, if there are not too many bumps in the road.
Hollee has completed a commanding matching grant proposal with LCIF. We pray we will hear a positive report in July. Those funds would provide 12 units of staff housing for hospital staff, books for the Ngoswani Elementary School Library at Ngoswani, and a Digital Reader for X-ray. 
I spoke with Dr. Alex yesterday. He is happy the 100 Day Kenya Government Doctor’s strike is over. All Government Hospitals were closed during that time. He has been very busy, helping in a couple of Private Hospital, one being a mission hospital in his area, as Government Hospitals were non functioning.
He has just been promoted to a semi private  government hospital by the Chief Medical Officer in the area. Recently, he was the lead medical officer in a food poisoning episode in the area where he is working. He admitted over 100 patients, of over 200 food poison cases.
He is now involved in overseeing the POLIO CAMPAIGN in his area. He said he will be very happy when the Maternal Child Hospital opens at Ngoswani.
Thank you all our supporters and for your continued prayer  
In His service,
Dr Marty

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