Affordable Limbs for All (ALFA) Kenya

Why did Mend Start the ALFA Prosthetic Workshop in Kenya?

  • Most Kenyan prosthetic workshops are not actively fitting quality, modern limbs that local people can afford to buy.
  • The few centres that do make prostheses, such as PCEA in Nairobi offer ICRC( Red Cross) limbs at $500 US per Above Knee limb ( AK), and $350 US for Below Knee limb ( BK).
  • Kenyatta Hospital Orthopaedic Hospital fits modern limbs using German parts but charge up to $2000 US.
  • Many government limb workshops do little fitting though they have the staff, good workshop tools and amputees in need. Their excuse is that they have no materials!
  • This is common all over Africa at government orthopaedic workshops.

What is the Need in Kenya?

  • There are many poor amputees all over Kenya.
  • They need prosthetic services where they can afford modern, affordable limbs.
  • They need to be treated with dignity.
  • They need efficient service.
  • They need to be able to return for follow-up adjustments and repairs or replacement of parts.

So ALFA was Born!

  • ALFA (Affordable Limbs for All) is staffed and run totally by local Kenyans, to provide modern, lightweight and affordable prostheses to amputees for about $200 per AK limb and $150 per BK limb.
  • Subsidies will be arranged for those who are poorer, or free, as we get sponsors!
  • If you would like to buy a limb for a MEND patient click here>>
  • Each AK limb requires a socket made from epoxy resin or polypropylene, a rubber Sach foot in African colour, aluminium pylon and stainless steel adaptors and a knee joint plus suction valve.
ALFA MENDNZ is changing lives

Our Workshop:

Few tools are needed to cast and fit quality limbs in a workshop that is efficient and modern.

Prosthetists then will not waste time as they currently do in many workshops with old–fashioned materials and parts that produce heavy limbs that most amputees are not happy with!

ALFA - Happy to be Mobile again. MEND NZ

ALFA provides lightweight and affordable prostheses to amputees for about $200 per AK limb and $150 per BK limb.

Rob, MEND Director

The Nuts & Bolts!


MEND is the agent for a Chinese manufacturer and able to source quality Sach feet, aluminium pylons, knee joints, adaptors and callipers at prices @ 25% cost of European components.

Sockets can be made using epoxy resin lamination or polypropylene single drape technology. The lamination technique requires almost no machinery and little cost when using locally-bought resin.

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To keep the retail price of limbs affordable and within a target price of US $150 for a modern BK limb and US $250 for a modern AK limb. Some adjustment is made for use of single axis or 4 axis knee joint and various adaptors.

ALFA Parts Cost (not including shipping and tax):

Below Knee KIT:

  • 4 prong socket adaptor/
  • Tube clamp adaptor
  • Short pylon
  • Foot adaptor
  • Sach foot in African colour
  • Total cost = $40

ALFA Above Knee KIT:

  • Polycentric knee joint ( 4 axis) or Single axis knee with lock
  • 3 prong adaptor socket adaptor
  • Long pylon with integrated tube end, foot adaptor
  • Sach foot & suction valve
  • Total cost= $100 (Note: Cosmetic cover extra cost)
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Some amputees await their limbs - ALFA
Thanks for the help of 'We Help Two'.