Smiling children at Katalemwa Cheshire Home

What We Do:

We provide prosthetic limbs, hearing aids, mobility aids, medical care, and rehabilitation to children and adults challenged with disability and poverty.
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Double amputee Rani in India with AGAPE

Big Dreams:

We are a small voluntary team with big dreams! We have set up centres, schools and partner with over 100 organisations around the world.
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Rita in Nepal during her club foot surgery

Life with Dignity:

We also help with education, employment & small business loans so our members can live a life of independence and dignity within their communities.
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"Rob Buchanan does amazing work for kids who have lost their limbs. In those impoverished countries kids are just left to get on with it. His objective is to get them upright."

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We believe everyone deserves a life of opportunity, mobility and dignity.

Meet Our Patients

Jyothi lost both her legs and an arm in an electrical accident. Read how she regains her mobility and her spirit.

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Our Blog

Read about our latest adventures and successes around the world.

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Our Centres and Partners

We achieve so much with limited resources thanks to our strong networks of centres and partners around the world.

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We are experts in repurposing and reusing second hand medical equipment. We accept Hearing Aids, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Laptops.

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See how 3D Printing is making Prosthetic Parts!

Fitting Prosthetics, Wheelchair Cricket and Hope in Kashmir

Doris tries out her new wheelchair!


Fatar with burn contractures - MENDNZ

Fatar finds Hope

Fatar lives in a small village in Uganda. One day he was accidentally burnt by spilt hot porridge. When Yasin, our Ugandan partner, found Fatar, he had been living with these burn contractures for 5 years.

His family is illiterate, and poor and weren't even aware that his burn could be treated. So, he lived with no hope. Yasin, immediately organised corrective surgery, new clothes, and a happy future for Fatar. Meet more patients...

Fatar has corrective surgery for his burns - MENDNZ