Get Involved

Bundeena Fundraising Event

Get involved with MEND and meet new people and make new friends! MEND is a volunteer organisation so we appreciate any help you can spare.

Here’s some ideas:

Make a donation or set up an ongoing donation – we are smart with donations now and invest our money in sustainable projects in order to create work for our members and earn good interest rates. Donate here>>

Volunteer – do you have a skill you would like to share? We have projects around the world that you could spend some time sharing your expertise and work. Contact us here>>

KoolSkool – MEND has created KoolSkool to teach the world! Using the power of the internet volunteer and retired teachers in developed countries can now share their skills and knowledge with neglected students in developing countries. See the KoolSkool Website here>>

Help us Fundraise – fundraising for MEND is a lot of fun! Every penny/cent/yen/etc goes straight to our members who need it most and often urgently. Check out fun ideas for fundraising on this page>>