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One of MEND’s strengths is our network of contacts. We couldn’t achieve our goals without these friends, supporters and collaborators around the world. Here’s our growing list:

Knock Knock – Progressing with Brain Injuries

Knock Knock - Progressing with Brian Injuries

Amy E. Matarese is a New Zealand holistic healthcare provider. She is now growing her support service and charity to incorporate and help people with traumatic brain injury (TBI), surprise (bone) impact injuries, concussions and trauma. Amy also wants to get more support behind post concussion syndrome. She works in a holistic manner so no stone is left unturned.

She has created Knock Knock which is a resource network that offers insight and support for those living within the ever changing terrain experienced during brain trauma. “Most of all we are a community creating anew”.

Welcome to Knock Knock…where being our best amid the
rugged terrain of TBIs’ gets a little easier together.”

Contact Details:
Amy E. Matarese, Ph: +64 21 152 3286,  E-mail: knockknock@anew.nz

Facebook Page for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI):

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