How to Donate Hearing Aids to MEND

Address for Hearing Aids:

Post from anywhere in New Zealand or the world to:

C/- Winsome Fisher
5 Governors Lane
Kerikeri 0230
New Zealand  

Let us know if you, or someone you know in your country, needs a hearing aid?>>
We accept second-hand hearing aids for recycling – please contact us>>

Here’s what MEND needs:

  • We accept ALL new and used hearing aids for reuse with our partners and centres in developing countries.
  • We like all older analogue model hearing aids.
  • The digital ones we get reprogrammed by audiologists or some just work well after we have tested several on a client to gauge the best hearing.

What Happens to the Hearing Aids?

We are experts in re-purposing and reusing second hand hearing aids and these are given to children, youth and adults who live in very destitute circumstances.  

It is heartwarming for us when we see these hearing aids help our patients hear for the very first time. In a lot of communities this means they can go to school, get jobs, start a business, get married.  

Without hearing aids our patients are isolated by their communities with no education and no opportunities.

How to donate hearing aids to MEND

Our Centres:

We support several centres in the troubled region of Kashmir India, called Hope Centres. They can reprogramme hearing aids and have easy access to batteries.  

Hearing aids are only as good as their batteries and unfortunately batteries are a problem in East Africa. So we have to buy pocket model hearing aids as they use AA or AAA size batteries.

The only affordable option is for us to import 3000 at a time from China. If you would like to donate towards the cost of this enterprise please click here>>

Setting up New Audio Clinics:

The hardest clients to fit are those with profound hearing loss. We need to set up audio clinics in many more communities and are also looking for supplies of Light Screening or BC Audiometers. Contact us if you can help>>