Why Giving Is Good For You

Little Nepalese boy with his special shoes for clubfootHere at MEND we know giving is good for you because it makes us feel happy and strong!

If you are feeling stressed, aimless, worried, unhappy, unhealthy – the good news is that giving activates the pleasure centres of your brain. Thinking and caring for others takes the emphasis away from worrying about yourself. This happy activity improves your physical and mental health.

Teams = Friends!

Our MEND teams are scattered around the world but we’re all taking positive action and this creates a strong bond of trust, cooperation and friendship.

These ties extend from the donors in the UK who give 1 pound a day to help a blind girl study to our team in Kenya growing onions to support the Physiotherapy and Disability Clinic to the team in Vanuatu setting up a clinic to give mobility to 500 diabetic amputees.

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Disability is often treated with suspicion and callousness in the countries we work in, so our help to the men, women and children challenged by disabilities, gives them hope and a new life. In exchange the endorphins kick in and we feel great! We stop worrying about ourselves. Giving is good for your because it is stress-free!

Giving is something much bigger and grander that gives meaning to your life.

We hope you will join us and enjoy the good life!

Here’s why MEND is a wonderful charity to support:

  • MEND is voluntary so most of your donations go directly to the patients who need it most.
  • We help people in very remote areas where there is no access to healthcare.
  • We employ local people in our sustainable businesses so a $1 donation turns into $10.
  • We have a global-wide network of sponsors, contacts, medical professionals and centres who support and extend our work.
  • Our centres are run by previous patients, most of whom are amputees.
  • We employ women in our centres most of whom are amputees and encourage independence and employment for women.
  • We support medical training for our patients, as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, prostheticians, and managers.
  • We shake up traditional ways of thinking, from human rights, nutrition, rights of the disabled, and rights of women.
  • We have over 25 years of knowledge and expertise in disability care and financial management and we are very smart with our money.

Giving is good for you – when you give to MEND you are dramatically changing a patient’s life for the best, they can then hear, see, walk, study, work, share, live! In return we hope your generosity gives you a sense of purpose and meaning in your own life.

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