Meet Our Patients

Uganda - Angella
This is Angella, a young girl currently staying at Katalemwa Cheshire Home in Uganda. As a baby she lost both legs in an accident and had never walked.

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Nepal - Teke
This is Teke, a young boy who lives in Nepal. He was born with two club feet. Read how our team at the Hope Disability Centre in Gulmi transformed his life.

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India - Jyothi Rani
Jyothi lost both her legs and an arm in an electrical accident and could only walk on her knees. See how she regains her mobility and her spirit.

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India - Barkat
Barkat lives in the beautiful but troubled region of Kashmir in India. He was born with a rare condition affecting his limbs but he always dreamed he would walk one day.

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Kenya - Evans
Evans lives on the slopes of Mount Kenya and loved school but with serious hearing loss, he found communication frustrating and he gave up.

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India - Sireesha
Sireesha lives in Andhra Pradesh in India. Rob, our director, along with our local partner discovered Sireesha in the hospital suffering traumatic injuries from a terrible accident.

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Tikal - Nepal

Tikal was burnt badly when he was only 3 months old. His family didn't know he could have an operation.

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