Bina Nepali’s Story – Hope Disability Centre Nepal

This is a message to a regular donor to the Hope Disability Centre in Gulmi in Nepal.

“Thank you so much for your generous support for such a severely poor disabled person. Because of your kind support, she has a new life and is more independent.”

Bina Nepali’s Story

Bina is 41 years old and lives in a very rural area of Gulmi with her family. This area is almost 30 km away from Tamghas.

She has three children, 2 sons, and a daughter, and they all go to school. Her husband passed away 2 months ago.

Bina was disabled from birth and her lower limbs are disabled. This has made her daily life very difficult. 

Her Situation

She has to feed her 3 children who attend school. After her husband’s demise, it has been more difficult for her. 

Her life is really poor without her husband. She has to feed her children and pay for school fees.

She cried so much with me and requested school fees, books, clothes for the children, and schooling costs.

But Hope Disability Centre itself is quite poor and does not have funds for the children. I feel very sorry for her because, without a husband, she is lonely and it’s difficult to look after the children.

The Construction Work

With the donor’s generation donation, Hope Disability Centre has built a disabled-friendly environment for Bina which includes a disabled-friendly toilet and a new wheelchair.

Bina has a small chicken farming operation, which is now accessed with this new disabled-friendly environment.

There is no transportation access to her house. It is almost 3 km away from the road. All of the material required for the word had to be carried by labour. So it was more costly than the estimated amount. 

Bina is very happy and grateful to the donors for their support and the services provided by Hope Disability Centre.

Here are the photos of Bina Nepali’s Story: Bina and her kids with Ganga, the Manager of Hope Disability Centre, who is also disabled with no lower limbs.

Hope Centre Nepal and Bina
Bina with her new wheelchair on the new path so she can get around her property.

If you would like to help Bina and her family you can donate to them on our donation page here.