Jinja Bags: Victoria’s Sewing Business in Uganda

We support women with challenging disabilities in East Africa with medical help but also with small business support.

Victoria is profoundly deaf and a solo mum of 4 kids. She makes a range of fantastic bags, aprons, oven mitts, purses, and lots more. Her business is called Jinja Bags.

Victoria Small Business Uganda

She also has malaria which makes village life tough for her. We’ve supplied her with sewing machines and money for fabric.

The Ugandan fabric has vibrant colours and patterns. And with Victoria’s clever skills and designs the results are astounding!

See some of the designs on this page here: Jinja Fashion

With her small sewing business, Victoria has finished building her small house.

In the photo below (on the left), another one of our recipients, Joan, is visiting Victoria.

Joan has lost a leg to osteomyelitis and has almost lost the other foot. We’ve helped fund a media and video editing course for Joan. So she can make videos and earn some income.

Victoria Small Business Uganda

If you’d like to buy Jinja Bags products wholesale or retail please contact us.

You can also see the bags on our TradeMe listings in New Zealand