Latest MENDNZ News from Africa 2023

Here are Rob’s latest Visual Newsletters showing our latest work in Africa. For up-to-date information check out our Facebook Page too.

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See our Patients in Malawi in Southeast Africa

MENDNZ Helping Patients in Malawi

In Northern Kenyan Everylyne Works Closely with Children with Special Needs

Everbri Special Learning Centre Kenya

We Partner with the CERA Prosthetic Workshop in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland)

MENDNZ helps the disabled in Eswatini

We Partner with the Katalemwa Cheshire Home for Children In Uganda

MENDNZ helping the disabled in Uganda

Helping Children in Uganda with Medical Care and School Fees

MENDNZ helping Ugandan Students

All Limbs for Africa (ALFA) Prosthetics Service in Kenya

Kenya ALFA - All Limbs for Africa Prosthetics

We Support our Patients with Study, Work, and Small Business Grants

MENDNZ Career Support

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