MEND KoolSkool

MEND has created KoolSkool to teach the world!

Using the power of the internet, volunteer and retired teachers, in developed countries can now share their skills and knowledge with neglected students in developing countries.

We supply the students with tablets or laptops and give them a chance to learn.

The really Kool, fun way to link teachers with a little time on their hands and tons of skills to disadvantaged students in developing countries who need some help with their maths, science, chemistry, physics, music, geography, English, and general knowledge.

  • Our students maybe are in a hospital, rehabilitation centre, remote village, at home, or unable to go to a normal school.
  • So we love retired teachers, and anyone who cares about kids and youth who have had little opportunity to shine!
  • KoolSkool is run by Volunteers only.

If you would like to join us in sharing education with needy kids and youth, in remote places around the world who have missed out on education, please join us at KoolSkool as a teacher! Contact us