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Sireesha is a delightful little girl who lives with her poor family in Andhra Pradesh in India. One day she was involved in a terrible car accident. This is her story...Sireesha-India-MEND

The women of CEED – Centre for Education and Economic Development were visiting Yashaswini Hospital, a local private hospital in Andhra Pradesh, along with Rob, the Director of MEND.

They could hear crying and found tiny 6 year-old Sireesha who had been in a terrible car accident. Her injury was so serious her right leg had been amputated. Sadly her relative had died in the accident and her father, Darsi, fractured both his legs.


“We learnt that Sireesha’s amputated leg was badly infected but her family had no money for medical care. So we stepped in to offer financial, medical, and rehabilitation assistance for sweet Sireesha and her family. We spoke to the surgeon, Dr Ramana Yashaswi, to plan her grafting surgery. CEED paid for the surgery and also helped her family to find a new home with hygienic conditions in order to avoid infection.”

Fortunately Sireesha’s infection healed well and she received a new (recycled) wheelchair that had been carried all the way from New Zealand by volunteers! Sireesha was very happy with her wheelchair but kept asking to have her leg back.

Time for a New LegProsthestic cast for Sireesha - MEND

Because the accident and amputation were both painful and traumatic for Sireesha it took two years for her to feel brave enough to have her cast taken for her prosthesis. This was undertaken by the prosthetician, Anil, and funded by MEND.

Once Sireesha is comfortable with her new leg she can start school.

New Business

MEND then helped the struggling family generate an income. Darsi, Sireesha’s father, worked for a fruit vendor and her mother, Soujanya trained as a tailor. Both wanted to start their own businesses so CEED helped them with capital to each start their own business.Sineesha's parents start their businesses

CEED helped Soujanya buy a new sewing maching and she works as a tailor at home while looking after Sireesha. Darsi has his own fruit business selling custard apples and coconuts on a very busy street. Profits from the tailoring and the fruit are excellent and the family is very happy.

CEED and MEND wish to thank the surgeon and everyone who helped with your kind support and blessings.

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