Nepal – Teke

Club foot is an easily corrected condition but unfortunately many Nepalese can not afford the medical care needed. Teke was born with two severely clubbed feet. This is his story…

Teke’s family were too poor to afford hospital care so he lived with this easily-treatable disability until he was ten years old.

But one day Teke was brought to MEND’s Hope Disability Centre in Gulmi and this event changed his life!

Hope Centre took action for Teke and worked with the charity Altso – A Leg to Stand on along with HRDC-  Hospital & Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children near Kathmandu. Not only would Teke see a physical transformation but a social one too.

Surgery for club foot is the easy part and Teke’s feet were operated on separately in 2010. It is the rehabilitation that is the challenge. Intensive physiotherapy, bracing of the feet and special shoes are required. Teke took this all in his stride and happily worked hard at his rehabilitation.

His New Life

Teke’s feet are now corrected and he can walk and run. He is transformed and now an independent member of Nepali society. He attends school and has been given financial assistance to help his progress.

Teke now has a chance of a future on his own two feet!

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