Nepal – Tikal

Tikal MEND burns patient

Here is the story of Tikal in Nepal. He was burnt by a kitchen fire when he was just 3 months old while his mother was outside looking after the cattle.

His father went to India and has been out of contact for the past 16 years. Tikal and his family did not know that he could have his burn contracture released, and they didn’t have any money.

So he had limited movement in his neck for 17 years! He came to Hope Disability Centre in Tamghas and his surgery was arranged with the Model Hospital.

Tikal can now turn his head

Now he is he so happy he can rotate his head and look around at the world!

Many thanks to the Model surgeons and our Hope staff for arranging his care.

Our next step – Maybe we can help Tikal with training or a small business.

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