Asi Babu as Busy as Ever!

AGAPE NEWS: Here’s the latest note from Asi, the very hardworking Manager of AGAPE in India. Now keep in mind that Asi lost both his legs and an arm when young – he doesn’t let that slow him down at all!

Details of Hearing Aids Distributed Which were Received From Miss Ganga Rayamajhi

Hi, My Dear Friends

Greetings from AGAPE,
I have received 6 hearing aids from Miss Ganga , Nepal. I distributed 2 Pocket hearing aids to two old aged patients. I am attaching those photos here under. My dear Rob, Miss Leela Naga Jyothi received 2 hearing aids from another source of her school. So I stopped to give her our hearing aid. I will give it some other patient.Hearing Aid to Mrs Akumarthy Vijaya

Thanks for your cooperation in my services to poor and needy people with disabilities.
With Best Wishes

​​Asi Babu B,
AGAPE Director,