A Small Story with BIG Results – A Disabled Friendly Path Changes Lives!

Here is a small story about a disabled-friendly toilet and path….

For the first time in Gulmi District the Hope Centre has helped make a disabled friendly toilet and path for both Dhanikala and the Thamis’ family.

After we finished our ALTSO wheelchair distribution programme for needy people we started another programme “Hastening to Help” ..which is the 1st time in our district we improved  access to toilets for disabled members.

Thanks Gail and Gord from Canada for your caring support.

The path at Dhanikala Kandel’s home, residing in Chatrakot Rural Municipality, Gulmi was so rocky and difficult as she had spinal cord injury 12 years ago leaving her with paralyses lower limb.  And so  she has had to crawl to reach her toilet.

Now with the disabled friendly path she can easily access the toilet in her wheelchair or by walking due to the newly built ramps and railings.

She is very happy with it!

Thami family is happy after getting Hope help – business support and disabled friendly path!

Our Hope Centre gave beautician and handicraft training for Devi Thami and after finishing the training we gave her family a loan of 45000 rupees to start goat farming and a beauty parlor.

Both businesses are now doing well as they manage their daily expenses to increase their business capital.

Continuing our mission Hope Disability Centre has built a disabled-friendly toilet and path in a home of Thami Family that has four disabled adults again with the financial support of Gail & Gord.

The four Thami, all with congenital leg defects Devi Thami, Ramu Thami, Bal Bahadur Thami and Bhupal Singh Thami reside in Chatrakot, Gulmi.They all feel a sense of relief having easier access to the toilet.

Thank you.

Mr. Suresh Shrestha 
Finance & Admin Officer,
Hope Disability Centre (Asha Apanga Kendra),
Gulmi Nepal

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