Setting up a New Disability Project in Mindanao with SPED

Mindanao is a large island in the south of The Philippines.
Rob, our MEND Director, is currently setting up an exciting new disability project in Mindanao with SPED (Special Education for children with special needs). We hope to help lots of children and youth!
We will contact all school principals to create a database of children needing corrective surgery, special shoes, prostheses, hearing aids, ear care, wheelchair adaption and much more.
Medical staff in Mindanao
Medical staff in Mindanao
So we identify the need, then assess the kids and youth and document what is needed.
At this stage we can now see that probably 85% of all kids who are classified as “deaf” are, in fact, just hearing-impaired. They can hear if fitted with a good hearing aid, ears cleaned and maybe minor surgery.
Once treated they can then attend school, communicate with their family and friends and participate in their community.
This early intervention is vital for children who may need early medical intervention, speech therapy and correctly fitting prostheses.
Rob with medical team in Mindanao
Rob with medical team in Mindanao

While in Mindanao Rob helps where he can:

“..and tomorrow I want to meet an orthopedic surgeon in the  government hospital here in this town north of Davao for advice for two boys feet. They will both need correction.”

“A trainee nurse Joy and I had a busy day getting 17, out of 20, “deaf” kids hearing well for first time using recycled hearing aids.

Vast numbers of deaf people can hear and have new opportunities if hearing aids are supplied that we receive as donations and also buy at a good price from China.”

Little Xavier

This is a pic of beautiful Xavier who we are helping in The Philippines. His mother is in hospital with cancer so his aunty looks after him. The family is very poor so we are supporting them. If you would like to help little Xavier you can make a donation here >>

Xavier who MEND is supporting