Jinja Bags: Victoria’s Sewing Business in Uganda

Victoria Small Business Uganda

We support women with challenging disabilities in East Africa with medical help but also with small business support. Victoria is profoundly deaf and a solo mum of 4 kids. She makes a range of fantastic bags, aprons, oven mitts, purses, and lots more. Her business is called Jinja Bags. She also has malaria which makes … Read more

MEND November News 2018

MEND News November 2018

Dear Supporters MEND has been busy in the last year helping set up prosthetics units in East Africa and getting young amputees in other countries fitted with quality limbs at lowest possible cost or donated when extremely poor. In all developing countries there is no government support for kids or youth / students who have … Read more

Jinja Bags and Hearing for the First Time!

Vicky has been deaf her whole life. She lives in Uganda and is a 27 year old single mum with 3 small children. In Africa having a disability is very alienating. There is very little support or social services and people with disabilities are often shunned by their communities. It is difficult to get a … Read more