We’re Starting the Nepal Accessibility Programme

Hi Everyone
See a few pics from yesterday’s field work trip to check on three patients for our Nepal Accessibility Programme.

Nepal Accessibility Programme two village womenWe checked the existing toilet at  first lady’s dark and crumbling mud stone house…she has had polio…and her toilet had a bowl and concrete surround…but just needs widening and better framing and cover etc.
Nepal Accessibility Programme
We then talked about putting a metal roof on her house to replace the grass roof which is a constant problem…and leaks.. which could fit our budget for each person of $300.
So a better simple house might cost about $1200..13′ x 10′..and have window and door..and be accessible.. is well beyond that budget..
She has a wheelchair we gave which needs someone to help push it as that road is dirt and not smooth and not flat…so she keeps that up the road at her sisters’ place.
The next lady fell from a mango tree 13 years ago and was spinal chord injured..so she mainly needed a footpath built so she can get to her toilet..so we are now ready to concrete that after a working bee of us all..and even little kids gathering stones. So that will be done today. Then pipe handrails fitted ..and she can walk herself to the toilet..and her kitchen.
The third patient was a small CP boy who our Physiotherapist will get walking..once muscles build up…so he needs intensive Physiotherapy for two months at our centre along with food and board.
I attach a current photo of Hope Centre with ramp – Rob
Nepal Accessibility Programme Mud House
Nepal Hope Centre Ramp