Hope Centre Fiji – a New Limb Centre

Thank you so much to our helpers and donors. This helps our partners and their programmes keep going…and growing! Now we are creating a new Limb Centre in Fiji that is badly needed – Hope Centre Fiji.

There are hundreds of amputees in Fiji who are waiting for mobility (not wheelchairs). They want to walk and be independent and go to school, get a job, and join their communities.

There has only been one government workshop with one trained technician in Suva servicing this sprawling island country and its 1 million people. And also amputees from other Pacific Islands.

Rob is in Fiji now hoping to see some fitting of quality prostheses and orthoses at our new workshop in Fiji.

Hope Centre Fiji:

Hope Centre is a new NGO in Fiji set up to assist people needing prosthetic limbs and other mobility and employment support.

We will import components from China, recycled parts from various countries, trained technicians from Nepal and East Africa and also train local staff.

The number of people losing limbs in Fiji is epidemic with an amputation every 12 hours (or even less).

Lots of these people would like to be independent, but due to lack of mobility exclude themselves from society and become dependent on others.

We aim to empower these people to achieve self-reliance and gain confidence.

The only limb centre, Tamavua Rehab Unit of the Fiji Government cannot cope with the number of amputees.

Modern, lightweight, adjustable limbs will be fitted at affordable rates with subsidies for amputees from low-income families.

We invite all donors and helpers to get involved as an active and caring partner!

If you are interested, please contact us:

Mr Himmat Lodhia
Hope Centre Director

P: +679 992 8888

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