Hope Centre Fiji – a New Limb Centre

Creating a new limb centre in Fiji

Thank you so much to our helpers and donors. This helps our partners and their programmes keep going…and growing! Now we are creating a new Limb Centre in Fiji that is badly needed – Hope Centre Fiji. There are hundreds of amputees in Fiji who are waiting for mobility (not wheelchairs). They want to walk … Read more

Fitting Limbs in Eastern Nepal

Fitting Limbs in Eastern Nepal

We receive updates most days from our partners heading out to remote villages to run prosthetic fitting camps. In Eastern Nepal, the team from our partner, Hope Centre Gulmi, have found many clients who need new limbs. So our team fit them with lightweight and snug legs so they can walk comfortably. The team also … Read more

Chandu and Barathi have a Baby Boy!

Chandu and Barathis baby

Congratulations to Chandu and Barathi in India who have had a baby boy. Chandu managed our buffalo herd and helped with website advice. “I’m happy to let you know that we are blessed with a baby boy on 8th of march 9:30 PM”