India – Jyothi Rani

Meet our Patients

Jyothi lives with her family in the township of Tanuku on the central east coast of India. The bakery near her home would share broken cakes and bread with the local children every holiday. One day Jyothi visited the bakery and that day changed her life forever. This is her story…

As Jyothi entered the area around the bakery, she was unaware of exposed live electrical wires and she was electrocuted. Her injuries were very serious. Her face was badly burnt and doctors at the local hospital had to remove both her legs below the knee and her right arm at the shoulder.

Tragically electrocution is not uncommon in India where poverty, poor infrastructure and government indifference lead to many  accidents like Jyothis.

Finding Jyothi

Asi Babu the director of our centre, AGAPE – Achieving Goals of Ability, Parity and Education, first read about Jyothi in the local newspaper. His heart melted when he read that she could only walk on her knees after the accident.

He went to work tracking down her family and with the help of locals he found them living in a small rented house 70 kms away.

They are a very poor family with few resources. Jyothi’s father is a garbage picker and her mother a maid servant. Before the accident Jyothi attended school so her mobility was a high priority when the AGAPE team assessed her medical needs.

New Legs

The team fitted Jyothi with lightweight and durable prosthetic legs. She was a fast learner and was soon walking with confidence – watch how well she walks with her new legs…

Today Jyothi loves going to school and playing with the other children. As Jyothi grows she will need further medical care and artificial limbs – if you would like to contribute to Jyothi’s future please e-mail Rob here.

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