Uganda – Angella

Meet our Patients
Angella is a 9 year old Ugandan girl who lives with her maternal grandmother in the suburb of Kasubi in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. She lost both her legs when she was 1 and a half years old. This is her story.

When Angella was a baby her father abandoned the family. This left them in extreme poverty and her mother was forced to take Angella to live with her grandmother who lives very close to train tracks.

One day, without her mother noticing, little Angella crawled onto the tracks. A train passed by and in that instant Angella had both legs amputated.

Help Arrives

For the next 7 years Angella struggled with her disability, unable to walk or attend school. But  when Katalemwa Cheshire Home, with the support of MEND, organised a disability camp in her suburb Angella was on the road to mobility. She was initially referred for further treatment to our partner hospital, CORSU who provide free or subsidised  life-changing orthopaedic and plastic surgery to children under the age of 18.

Because Angella’s stumps were tapering she was given free surgery to correct her growing bones. This ensured the correct fitting of a prosthesis. Angella was then brought back to Katalemwa Cheshire Home for post-operative management, including nursing care and physiotherapy.

New Legs

Rob, MEND’s Director, visited Angella with lightweight and durable prosthetic limbs.  These are recycled limbs donated by the Appliance and Limb Centre in Sydney and Limbs for Life in Melbourne. After Angella’s treatmen,t which includes learning how to walk with her new legs, she will be discharged to her home to get on with her life and attend a nearby school.

Rob said: “Angella is walking beacause she is a tough cookie! She does not miss a chance to smile and enjoy all that happens at this busy rehabilitation centre, one of Uganda’s oldest!”

Ways to Give

We have set up a bank account and fund for Angella so she can have every opportunity later in life.

If you would like to add to Angella’s Fund you are most welcome, and MEND will arrange the money to be deposited in a safe term account for her. Please e-mail MEND here and we can organise this for you.

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